Inside the Heart of a Pastor’s Wife

As most of you know, I recently became a pastor's wife. A couple years ago, I remember dreaming about being a pastor's wife, specifically a youth pastor's wife. Look at God, won't He do it?! Amen! Although, I wanted it and I knew it would be a good fit for me, I had no idea [...]

Meet My People: Busayo Akindona

Incase you’re new here, or just forgot, I launched a series called Meet My People Mondays. Every other Monday you will get to hear from one of my closest friends. They will share about themselves, me, and our friendship. I truly believe there is no better way to know me than to know the people [...]

November Goals & 7 Ways to Create Helpful, Reachable…yet Challenging Goals

I don't know about you guys but this season has been ROUGH for me. I have been feeling really unmotivated lately. I have felt extremely defeated and like I'm not making any progress. I have been letting the enemy get in my head and speak lies into my mind. I have been feeling down about [...]

How to Use Love Languages to Better Love Your Spouse

Brad and I celebrated two years since our very first date on Monday and we celebrated four months of marriage on Thursday! What a week?! I wanted to share something that I really believe in and truly think makes a huge difference in any kind of relationship, but especially marriage relationships. What I'm talking about [...]