How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Day for You

Photography by Jaime Huffman Photography Getting married is one of the most important and exciting times in a couple’s life, if not THE most! That means that you want to make sure to pick a day that not only works best for you, but also for those who mean the most to you. Choosing the [...]

My March Praise Reports

This year, I have challenged myself to be more intentional in every aspect of my life. One of those things is being intentional in noticing the true blessings in my life, being thankful, and owning a spirit of gratitude. In my planner, the very last page of each month is labeled “Praise Report.” This is [...]

My North Texas Wedding Vendors & Review

I got married July 2nd, 2017. My vision was a Christmas in July wedding. We had our ceremony at 6:30 PM in Denton, TX. *Photography by Jamie Huffman Blackerby* Venue: The Springs Event Venue: Aubrey Location I adore this venue. The people are amazing and so helpful throughout the whole planning process. It's also one of [...]

What Easter Means to Me

I remember as a little girl, putting on a bright colored dress and going to church with my grandparents. It was a small town Baptist church. We set on the third pew on the left side. I always got to put a dollar bill into the offering, I ate peppermints the whole service, and I [...]