Friday Five: Five Books I’m Currently​ Reading

Welcome to the FIRST Friday Five! *cue confetti* This will be a fun series where I'll include five somethings every single week. It'll be a short read, promise. Today, I'm sharing the 5 books I'm currently reading. Enjoy! 1 // If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free by Jamie Ivey I [...]

My March Praise Reports

This year, I have challenged myself to be more intentional in every aspect of my life. One of those things is being intentional in noticing the true blessings in my life, being thankful, and owning a spirit of gratitude. In my planner, the very last page of each month is labeled “Praise Report.” This is [...]

What Easter Means to Me

I remember as a little girl, putting on a bright colored dress and going to church with my grandparents. It was a small town Baptist church. We set on the third pew on the left side. I always got to put a dollar bill into the offering, I ate peppermints the whole service, and I [...]

I got a job, but I didn’t do it on my own!

As of yesterday, the news is officially out! I got a job! Praise the Lord! I was going crazy being stuck at home. Not having something to do and a schedule to keep to is not a lifestyle I thrive in. I do well when I'm kept busy and in structured situations, so I am [...]