Friday Five: Five Things I Learned from My Dad

My dad is my BIGGEST fan. He cries at all my milestone moments and it's the best ever! If you want to know anything about my dad, get this: My dad ended up in the hospital a couple weeks ago from laughing. That explains my dad better than I ever would be able to and [...]

If it’s not good, then​ God’s not finished.

So, I have had a handful of people ask where I'd been and if me working now means I'm not going to be blogging anymore. I referenced it a little bit last week during my blog post, but this past month and a half have been really hard. It's been hard for me, as well [...]

My May Praise Report

If I'm being really transparent with you guys, May has been the hardest month for Brad and I since we got married. May has been full of tough decisions, loss, tears, frustration, etc. Although May has been hard, it has been one of the strongest months of our marriage in reference to our relationship with [...]

How to Rekindle Your Passion

Each of us has dreams and things we hope to accomplish. Along with those dreams comes passion, dreams mean nothing without passion pushing them forward. I've never met someone who had a dream that didn't directly correlate with their passions. Regardless of what your passions are, we all go through seasons where we feel a [...]