About Courtney

Hello friends! My name is Courtney Heathcock, and I am the writer behind the blog. I am 22 years old. I am a newly wed to my handsome husband, Brad. We are the youth pastors at a small church in Waxahachie. I am all about encouragement, loving people, and being raw and vulnerable.

Blogging is something that I have dreamed about for years now. I never felt adequate enough, important enough, or good enough to actually invest in it. After lots of prayer, patience, and encouragement from my amazing husband, I decided to give it a try! This blog focuses on faith, relationships, ministry, marriage, and encouragement. The internet is a place full of negativity, comparison, insecurity, and isolation. I wanted to create a space where I can be open, real, and raw with you. Hopefully, we can help one another navigate through this wild thing called life.

I am crazy about snuggling my husband, obsessing over corgis, playing board games, my faith, decorating our new home, cooking new recipes (is my newly wed showing? lol), watching parks and rec, taking long naps, and loving people.

As I mentioned, I recently got married. Along with getting married I moved churches, moved cities, and have had a lot of transitions take place over the past few months. I have been stretched and challenged throughout this season of my life and I hope to be transparent with you throughout this journey. I want to share the ups and the downs, the exciting stuff, and the stuff that no one likes to talk about. I strive to be as open and as honest as possible.

Most importantly, I am a lover of Jesus and He has radically changed my life. I once was very lost and now I am a product of Grace. I hope that He is who you see in every post here on the blog.

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