Merry Christmas in July!

Happy Holidays friends! It is officially CHRISTMAS IN JULY and I am more than excited! I love Christmas time, I love the holiday season, and I will take advantage of any chance I get to celebrate it.

Christmas means so much to me and it always has. Christmas is the one time a year that all my family gets together. I’m a sucker for traditions and the holiday season holds so many special traditions for me, like opening stockings on Christmas morning, opening presents on Christmas Eve in order from youngest to oldest and making eggnog with my grandma on Christmas Eve. Now Brad and I get to create traditions of our own like watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation as we decorate our tree. To top it all off, Brad and I got engaged on Christmas Day so it’s a really special day to me for multiple reasons.

So to celebrate the halfway point of all of those amazing things, I’ve partnered with some of my favorite small shops to bless one of YOU with the gift of Christmas in July!

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A Seasons of Soap Devotional Journal from Horacio Printing Co. // This journal contains five seasons including; finding purpose, seeking wisdom, transition, anxiety, and joy. Each season contains a 14-day SOAP bible study, with a journal entry in at the beginning and end to open up and offer your heart your God.

A Pair of White Esther Earrings from Put on Love Co. // These earrings are handmade in Round Rock, TX. They are super light and there is a beautiful story behind each piece of jewelry and the name it was given.

A Reversible Pumpkin + Christmas Trees Piece from The Little Bird Co. // You can put up the pumpkins for Fall and the Trees for Winter. It’s the perfect touch for the holiday season and all you have to do is just flip it around!


Enter the giveaway HERE!


It may be 100+ degrees here in Texas, but I will still be jamming to Christmas music all day today! I will also be baking some cookies, watching Elf with my husband, AND praying it gets colder here in TX (lol). I hope you have a great Christmas in July and celebrate in your own special way!

What is YOUR favorite thing about Christmas? Share it in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas in July!

  1. I love the trees and decorating, but my favorite part now is spending time with my family. My oldest children have moved away, so it is extra special when they are home for the holidays.

  2. I love getting to be around my family and friends. It’s the best part of Christmas. There is a sense of joy that accompanies it that can not be compared to anything else.

  3. Wait a minute… homemade eggnog? You should definitely share the recipe in a blog post this Christmas season.. maybe a list of your favorite holiday treats!! Miss you friend!

  4. I love getting to share the GOOD NEWS of Christ! The hot cocoa. The community. The smell of the trees. The giving of gifts!

  5. Merry Christmas in July!!! I love being able to see my entire family all in one place. I love seeing the Christmas lights in the neighborhood and I love the endless Christmas cookies with hot cocoa!

  6. I love the atmosphere that the Christmas season brings – everyone is happier, more giving, and more loving! I also really love the decorating and community that it brings!

  7. My other comment got deleted!! Oh well!
    The best part of Christmas is seeing Family of course, but getting that genuinely warm feeling of happiness from everyone around you! Even if it’s just the colder weather making everyone happy, you can tell it’s a different season and it’s so incredible to see people happy! And the Christmas Music at Church makes everything that much better!!

  8. I am so ready to decorate for fall & Christmas. I love everything about fall and Christmas. I think ever since I had my boys it’s been a lot more fun.

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