Finding Content in the Midst of Transition

I have no idea exactly what God is trying to teach me, but I have lived in constant transition for over a year now. I got married last July, moved to Waxahachie, TX from Denton, joined a new church, attempted to create a new community, and started a new job at my internship. Fast forward to December, I graduated, became jobLESS, and then come February, I started working at my current job with Rescue Her. Fast forward to May, Brad and I experienced a transition we never saw coming, we transitioned out of being youth pastors at our church. These past few months have been a mix of emotions, from sad to hopeful, from hurt to encouraged, from lonely to feeling totally seen.

All I know is that there is always purpose to the pain. God makes a reason out of everything. He will take what we’re going through to teach us something to better shape us into who He has called us to be. Although I know this, this season of my life has been really difficult. Everything has changed and nothing has been constant. There are even more transitions to come in the near future and if I’m being honest, I’m not ready for it. There are days where I wish I could just be back in my apartment where I lived for 3 years and everything seemed to be the same. There are moments where I catch myself in tears at the fact that I feel like I have no grip on reality. Change is for a purpose, but that doesn’t make it easy.

I’m not writing this to complain or tell you how sad I am or how hard my life is, I am writing this because if you are reading this you are either in a transition, just came out of one, or about to enter into one. I want to teach you how to be content in the midst of transition because it is one of the hardest things I’m learning how to do. I don’t do well with change, so having a constant feeling of change for the past year has definitely challenged me in a way I never imagined. I have learned how to lean into God and what He’s doing better than ever before.

Finding Content in the Midst of Transition | Courtney Nicole Heathcock Blog

Here are some key factors in finding content in the midst of transition:

  1. Find your constants. There always there, you just have to look for them and hold tight to them.
  2. Choose gratitude. Transition usually happens to help get you closer to where you need to be, choose to be thankful. Find those things that make you say “thank you” and recite them over and over again.
  3. Look back on past transitions. This too will have an end and it won’t last forever.
  4. Seek His presence. There is a peace and sense of contentment that can only be found in surrendering and leaning into the spirit of God. Chase after it.

It is possible to become content in whatever season you’re in, if you stay intentional about it. There will be hard days and there will be good days, but we can’t rely on those to determine our mood or our attitude. We have to press into all that God is doing in the midst of this season and allow Him to get everything out of it for us that He can. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, If it’s not good, then God’s not finished and that has been so true in my life and something I’ve held tight to during this season. Let God prune you in those hard seasons and allow yourself to come out better than before.

I am really pressing into the whole “in my weakness, God is strong” thing because this past year has put my weakness on blast. I have had anxiety attacks, bad attitude towards my husband, been overly stressed at work, and just let myself get stuck in this feeling of frustration because nothing felt familiar. Lucky for me, God has proven Himself strong over my weaknesses and continues to work in and through my life. I am forever thankful for these seasons of life that are hard but bring so much learning along with them. Whatever season you are in right now, God has a plan to teach you and do great things through it. Don’t be discouraged. 

Which key factor stuck out to you the most? Share it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Finding Content in the Midst of Transition

  1. I think looking back can be one of the most helpful things. I know there are times when I thought I would never get through something, but I did and I’m better than ever. Knowing I survived that helps me survive the future.

  2. I love these tips for difficult transitions! My husband and I have had our share of transitions even since getting married a year ago and remembering to stay grateful and look back on past things we’ve gotten through has been so helpful! This was such an insightful post! Thanks for sharing your experiences and what they’ve taught you!

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