What it Takes to be a Great Leader

This summer at work, we have been doing weekly meetings over leadership. My boss and her husband not only run Rescue Her, but they also pastor a church and run a school. It has been so inspiring and enlightening how much they are teaching us. They are truly investing in us in a way no one invested in them at our age. We all want to lead, but even more than that we all want to be great leaders. Here are the biggest takeaways I’ve gotten from the leadership talks so far:

1 // A Great Leader Requires Having an Influence

A person can have all the knowledge paired with all the passion and drive and NOT be a great leader. In order to be a leader, people have to follow you. If you lack influence, you can’t be an effective leader.

2 // Having Vision is So Important

It is so important to have a vision, a big picture that you’re trying to achieve. Something that you’re aiming for that makes you excited. Whenever you know where you’re going and what that big picture is, it makes the small things make sense and carry value. Also, the people you’re leading can tell if you have a vision or not, but more importantly they can tell if you believe in it.

3 // Creating a Safe Place for Failure is a Must

When we lead others, we have to create a safe place for people to fail. We also must realize that just because someone doesn’t do it exactly how I would, that does not mean they failed. If the goal was reached, that’s all that matters. We, as leaders, must learn to let those under us give things a try without fear.

4 // The 5 Things to Look for in a Leader

The top 5 things to look for in a leader is an influence, character, people skills, drive, and aptitude/intelligence. These are the things that make up good leaders. Seek out these qualities in others and encourage them into those leadership positions. Also, strive to be these things yourself!


That’s just a taste of what our Tuesday mornings have been about. It has been so encouraging having a team of leaders above me that want to pour into and develop us. It is a true honor to work under their leadership and I have learned so much already in just a couple months.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself is that I really struggle with the delegation portion and allowing people a safe place to fail. I would rather just do it myself and know that it was done and done how I like it. I have really been challenged to have a loose grip on some things and allow those under me to really take ownership and make it their own.

4 thoughts on “What it Takes to be a Great Leader

  1. I think this is an amazing post! That first point you made about needing to have influence is very important. It is also an intimidating point too! I think failure is also super important and it isn’t something people should fear because growth can come from failure.

  2. People skills are so important, and sadly, I know some people in leadership roles, that don’t have very good people skills. It really makes it hard for their employees to do their jobs effectively when the boss can’t communicate in a clear and respectful manner.

  3. Awesome post! I don’t think I’ve ever read a post like this before – so many people think they are leaders, but they don’t even have the first clue as to what it takes.I love that you included creating a safe space for failure!

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