My June Praise Reports

After the month of May was a whirlwind of emotions, June has been such a breath of fresh air. It was not difficult for me to come up with 10 praise reports at all. Isn’t it great that life happens in seasons? There is always a sweet season after a hard one, amen!


1 // I was featured on the Bud Co’s blog sharing my testimony.

Click here to read it!

2 // We took our one-year anniversary photos to document us breaking the cycle of divorce in my family.

To read more about that, click here.

3 // Brad and I got really serious about our budget.

Yeah, we know…it only took us a year. Whoops.

4 // We found a new church home!

We are so excited to call ourselves proud members of Vibrant Church in Ft. Worth. Soon-to-be Saginaw!

5 // We got to go on vacation to San Antonio!

We went on a much-needed vacation to celebrate our one year and it has been so refreshing.

6 // We’ve spent a lot of time with family this month.

It looks like that is going to carry into the month of July too which is so fun!

7 // We got really serious about our eating habits in the Heathcock Hizzy.

We have been eating better, cooking more, and drinking more water!

8 // We held and played with a corgi!!

That’s always a praise report in my book!

9 // Work has been really good this month.

Lot’s of cool stuff is happening, make sure you follow Rescue Her on social media to keep up.

10 // I’ve gotten back on my groove with blogging and social media.

This is a big deal, I had felt like I was in a funk since I started my new job. I’m slowly getting back into my groove and it feels SO good!

Your turn, what are your praise reports from the month of June? What was exciting? What blessed you? What did you get right?


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