Friday Five: 5 Easy Ways to Invest in Your Marriage


1 // Schedule and plan your date night

Brad and I do date night once a week. It’s a non-negotiable for us and it has made such a positive impact on our relationship. We pick one night of uninterrupted, focused time together to do things that we love to do. Our favorite dates are dinner and a movie, bowling, and a night in with our favorite tv show and chocolate chip cookies.

2 // Invest in your friendships

Your relationship is only as strong as the people around you. Surround yourself and your relationship with people who are encouraging you, supporting you AND your spouse, cheering you on, but also able to provide wisdom in a situation where you lack. You were never meant to do life alone and that counts with your marriage too.

3 // Purchase the Marriage Journal or Navigator Council

Brad and I started doing this at the beginning of the year and it has totally transformed the conversations we have day-to-day. It helps you focus in on what’s important while allowing you to learn more about your spouse. It’s a once a week journal you do with your spouse answering 6 questions, doing a short devotional, and entering in your weekly calendar. It’s my FAVORITE thing we’ve bought in terms of bettering our marriage and you can purchase yours HERE!

4 // Outserve your spouse

Marriage is meant to be a direct representation of the gospel and serving is a huge part of that. As married couples, we need to be out-serving our spouses and doing it without wanting something in return. I promise you that once you truly start putting them above yourself and honoring and serving them, you will fall more in love, be more connected to one another, and the communication lines will be much more open. Try it, it works.

5 // Laugh together

Marriage isn’t all about being super serious and having deep conversations all the time. Humor is good for the soul. Be silly together. Make memories together that you’ll enjoy looking back on years down the road. Some of my favorite moments with Brad are when we were belly laughing together after just moving into our new house. Have fun, marriage is supposed to be fun and bring joy!


Courtney + Brad Heathcock

That’s my 5 easy ways to invest in your marriage! I’ve only been in this thing for a year, so if you have any other advice please share it!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Easy Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

  1. Outserve your spouse. I love that!! We are nearing our seventh year and it becomes so easy to let your marriage cruise instead of putting the necessary work into it. Great post!

  2. Yes to ALL of these! I love that my husband and i are both invested in investing in each other. I need to keep that journal in mind for my husband; he really loves stuff like that, and it’d be great for both of us.

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