If it’s not good, then​ God’s not finished.

If it's not good, God's not finished.

So, I have had a handful of people ask where I’d been and if me working now means I’m not going to be blogging anymore. I referenced it a little bit last week during my blog post, but this past month and a half have been really hard. It’s been hard for me, as well as my husband. We are finding the good and the joy in the midst of it, but it’s still a tough situation. I have been in a funk when it comes to being creative and haven’t had the energy to focus on my blog lately, but I feel like I’m slowly getting back to a place where I can again. I miss it and I miss you guys. On top of that, work has really picked up. We have received 5 new girls in the past couple of weeks that we’re working with which means busy days, lots of driving, and late nights and early mornings.

I wanted to start off by sharing a little bit of that and give a life update. Through this season of transition and everything that comes along with it, I have had to rely more on God than I was having to before. I have spent more time in His presence, like REALLY in His presence than I have in a long time. It has been so refreshing and freeing. It’s been me, God, and Brad navigating this crazy thing called life together and it’s been really incredible.

One of the main things God has been reminding me of is that He is a good Father. Have you ever experienced something that made you doubt the goodness of God? I have and I was in the midst of these circumstances. I was confused, frustrated, and felt a little isolated to be completely vulnerable. I prayed some “God what are you doing?” prayers along with asking the question “why?” countless times. God began to speak to my heart that if it’s not good, He isn’t finished.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28

Take a look at any story in the Bible, no matter how broken it seemed God found a way to redeem it and make it for His glory. God wants to do that in my life as well as yours. We have to remember that the God we serve is good. He’s not just good, but good to YOU and good to ME. When I began believing in that truth, that’s when I started really trusting in the promises of God and who He says I am. I have no fear of where God is leading us. I have no frustration because I know there is a purpose to the pain. God is good to me. He is good to my marriage. And He is good to you.

I am learning what it means to truly trust in the Lord with ALL that you have and not lean on your own understanding. The peace of God really does surpass all that we could ever understand or comprehend. The peace of God brings joy in the midst of sorrow and this sense of peace is something I never want to live without. That’s not to say that with the peace of God you won’t face struggles, but it will help you not react out of emotion or fear. You can react in faith that God is good and He has good things for you from whatever you’re facing.

This has been a word vomit jumble of thoughts and things that have been bouncing around in this noggin of mine. I will be sharing more about this in the future and hope to be bringing more faith related topics and conversations to the ole blog. I hope you gained something from it and if you’re facing a difficult situation, a hurtful one, or even just feel alone, I’d love to talk with you. I’d love to share in your journey and celebrate your small victories because they are important. If you get anything from this post at all, make it this: God is a good God and that means that He is good to you. 


4 thoughts on “If it’s not good, then​ God’s not finished.

  1. Beautiful post, Courtney. One that I really needed to read as I’ve been a bit confused with God lately and where he’s placed my husband and me right now. We feel change coming but there’s so much uncertainty… but love the title of this post alone. If it’s not good, God’s not finished. Wow, that hit me!

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