How to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

I have always enjoyed driving, but that was before I had to drive so much every single day. I have an hour to an hour and a half commute every morning and afternoon. This commute is also during DFW traffic time (which if you are unfamiliar with, is the absolute worst.) I have finally found some ways that make it a little less exhausting and more enjoyable and I wanted to share those with anyone else who works a 9-5 and has a commute, anyone going on a road trip soon, or anyone just looking for some ways to enjoy driving more.

How to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

1 // Listen to Podcasts

I have learned that listening to podcasts not only helps make the drive more enjoyable but also go by much faster. It feels like there is someone in the car with me and we’re having a conversation. It also helps get my mind going at the beginning of the day before I get to work. I shared 5 Podcasts Every Boss Babe Needs to Listen to last week if you’re needing any suggestions!

2 // Take this time to get your mind right

I am not a morning person AT ALL. It takes some time for me to wake up and be ready for the day. My commute helps me get my mind awake and focused for the day. I use my commute to pray and get my mindset right before entering the office and having to be focused on work for 8 hours. I get myself right before thinking about anything else and my commute has really helped me prioritize that.

3 // Always have water in your car

I challenged myself to drink more water this year. I bring a water bottle with me in the car in the morning and one to have with me at the office all day. I use my commute to drink that first bottle of water. It not only keeps me feeling full for longer in the morning but also helps me keep track of my water consumption for the day. It’s also just refreshing to drink water in the morning as you’re waking up and getting started for the day.

4 // Keep snacks with you

Just like any road trip, snacks are crucial. I bring a breakfast type snack with me in the mornings and usually have an afternoon snack for my drive home. Long drives can take a toll on your body, having to sit so long. It’s helpful to have snacks (and water) handy so you can keep your body feeling good.

5 // Figure out what temperature works best for you

The temperature for your car is crucial for long drives. The hotter your car, the more relaxing and the more sleepy you’ll get. The cooler the car, you more awake you’ll be and focused. For me, I prefer an in-between. Knowing what temperature you thrive in when driving is really important when making long drives or commutes.

6 // Change your mindset

I have to remind myself that this long drive is worth it because I love my job. Each young woman I meet makes it worth it, each person I get to spread awareness to makes it worth it, it’s all worth it to me. When we develop a positive mindset to whatever adventure is on the other side of the commute, it changes everything.

7 // Make the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination something you enjoy

If it’s in the morning, I get there early and work on blog stuff before checking emails, because that’s something I enjoy. When I’m heading home, I always welcome myself home with a bubble bath. This makes the commute less daunting because I know I’m going to do something I enjoy when I get there. If you like running errands for work, do that first thing. If you enjoy checking emails and getting a clean inbox, do that. Whatever floats your boat, but do everything you can to make yourself excited to arrive at your destination.

I hope some of these tips help you on your next commute whether it’s on your way home tonight or on a road trip as summer gets closer. If you have any other tips and tricks to make the commute easier, let me know!

6 thoughts on “How to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

  1. Changing your mindset is a great tip! I recently interviewed for a job that might take me an hour to commute to, 1-2 hours with traffic, so I’m a little worried how it will feel for long term ;). I find that I cant listen to podcasts in the car because im not as focused on driving then!

  2. These are great suggestions. My friend commutes 2 hours each way, so I’m going to share these with her. She is usually a passenger, which probably makes it a little better.

  3. My partner and I are SO lucky to currently live 5 minutes away from both our work places – even less for me, as it’s actually quicker to walk to my work! – but I know we won’t always have that luxury. Podcasts are a great idea; that’s what my partner does to take up the time on his way to uni. I would personally prefer music, so I’ll have to make sure I always have a wide range of CDs in my car!

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