My April Praise Reports

April has been a weird month. I have felt so MIA and if I’m being honest, it’s because I have been. Although this month has felt off, there were still some really awesome things that came out of this past month. Something that has always helped me overcome my “funk” is reminding myself all that I have to be thankful for, grateful for, and praise God for.

Lucky for me, my planner has a page at the end of each month where you write down your praise reports. It helps me look back on the past month and no matter what I’m feeling at that moment, reflect on all the good that happened. It’s a super awesome consistent reminder that creates the routine in my spirit.

My April Praise Reports

1 // I got to celebrate my Granddad’s 90th birthday!

2 // Celebrated Easter!

BIGGEST PRAISE REPORT EVER…He rose from the grave!

3 // I attended my first prom with my husband!

4 // We raised over $700 at our bake sale to help our youth students get to camp.

This isn’t including the scholarships donated! We are so appreciative of our church and their support for our students.

5 // Rescue Her did an outreach during the NFL draft.

Big events, like the NFL draft, can increase the demand for sex trafficking. We were able to raise awareness and connect with motel guests in case they ever needed to report something or make an outcry.

6 // I started meeting with a mentor.

I have been waiting for and seeking out a mentor to meet with and learn from and I found her! I am so excited about this and honestly, it’s a huge answered prayer.

7 // Brad and I have been consistent with our Navigators Council and it’s making a difference.

You can purchase yoursΒ here!

8 // I have really tapped into the power of prayer this month.

Prayer has always been something I’ve struggled with being consistent with, but this month I have experienced God show up through praying. I have seen God answer prayers, big or small. It’s really strengthened my faith knowing that God truly does hear me and see me no matter how small I may feel.

9 // I started reading again.

I’m not much of a reader but I go through seasons where I really enjoy it. Right now is one of those seasons and I am getting so much out of it.

10 // I finally feel like I’ve found my grove at my job.

I know what I’m doing and I don’t feel quite as exhausted every day when I get home. I’m a routine kind of girl, so this is a BIG deal for me.

Enough about me, I want to hear from YOU!

What were your praise reports this past month? What was good? What did God do in your life? Let’s celebrate together!

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