How to Create a Wedding Registry You’ll Love Years Down the Road

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Something I’ve looked forward to since my friends started getting married was carrying around that little scanner gun around the store with my future husband. Brad and I really enjoyed registering and we actually agreed on most things. It was awesome! I have compiled my tips for registering, some of our favorite items we received from our registry, and some items we wish we would have gotten!

How to Create a Wedding Registry You'll Love Years Down the Road

Pick items that are timeless.

We decided to go with all neutral colors because they go with everything and you can easily add other colors to them. I have known far too many people who register for things in crazy colors or things that are trendy at that time and then end up hating it years later. We wanted our wedding gifts to last because 1. they were free to us and we want to utilize that as long as possible 2. they remind us of the special time of being celebrated by our friends and family. You can always add tends and pops of color along the way!

Register for way more than you need.

People like options and if I’m being honest sometimes they like their own options better than the ones we give them. Register for literally everything you could possibly want. You should register for at least twice the number of people you’re inviting. Some people will get you multiple gifts and you want to make sure you have the options for them to do so.

Double register for things.

You will be so glad you did! We duplicated a lot of our stuff between Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. Then we were able to see what we didn’t get off our registries, return things to that specific place that had what we wanted, and get it in exchange. It was awesome!

Register for things in many different price ranges.

This one is huge! Some people are willing to spend more than others. Some people would rather get you a bunch of little gifts. You want to make sure that you have those options because without it people are going to buy what they think you want and it’s normally not accurate. Also, you want to make sure that you aren’t making your guests feel like they can’t get you a gift because all the prices are too high. I want to encourage you to register for the more pricey items too because you never know what people are going to get you. We registered for a few things we never thought we’d actually get but we did!

Don’t try and tackle registering for everything at once.

This will be exhausting, even if you do agree on everything. We were so tired after spending hours aimlessly strolling through Bed Bath and Beyond. Take a few days to do it. Take your time and take advantage of the ability to add things from online and apps. This was a game changer for me, especially every time I made a Target run. I swear I added something every. single. time.

Our Top 10 Favorite Registry Items:

1 // Keurig Coffee Maker

2 // Amazon Echo

3 // Cast Iron Skillet

4 // A Nice Trash Can (This isn’t the one we got, I couldn’t find it.)

5 // Nice Dishes Set

6 // Pillows Catered to You. (Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place to find this)

7 // Cookware Set

8 // Tool Set

9 // Silverware Set

10 // Food Storage Containers

A Couple Things We Wished We Got:

1 // Robot Vacuum

2 // Video Doorbell

3 // More board games and card games.

4 // Cleaning supplies. (You don’t think of this (or you do and think it’s weird) but you’ll be so thankful you did!)

Here are the links to our registries from last year:

 Target & Bed Bath and Beyond

Obviously what you register for will differ depending on what stage of life you and your spouse are in. Some people may not need new silverware, so they get fancier silverware for when they have guests over. Or maybe you don’t need a toolset, but you really want yard work essentials. Make it your own and make it fit you and your spouse and your lifestyle. Have fun with it! Creating your first home together is exciting, it’s fun, and it’s worth enjoying!

What were your favorite registry items? What do you wish you would have received?

8 thoughts on “How to Create a Wedding Registry You’ll Love Years Down the Road

  1. Your registry had really good choices! I would probably wish for some nice luxury bedding too. It’s a great tip to give people options in different price ranges 🙂

  2. These all seem like great strategies to incorporate. We got married before the internet existed, so we just registered in the department store. It was a bit of a pain, but we still have and use a lot of the items we got as wedding presents.

  3. These are great tips. I have my registry together, but I definitely don’t have more than double the amount of people. We have lived together for awhile and have a ton of high quality items already. So we created funds for our honeymoon and Home projects in addition to essentials we don’t have. These are wonderful tips!

  4. omgggg where was this list when I was getting married!! So smart, I was sorting through my kitchen stuff the other day and found things I got off my registry that i havent even touched in the almost two year ive been married

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