A Few Things Bloggers Wish You Knew

If I’m being super transparent, I had NO idea what I was getting into when I decided to start blogging. I had no idea what a niche was, how to use affiliate links, how many people would unfollow me because I hadn’t posted in 2 days, and how hard it would be to not compare myself to other bloggers.

I love blogging. I love writing. I love sharing with the world, especially people I wouldn’t normally be able to reach. I have struggled to navigate finding MY voice. I’m still searching, growing, and learning through that. Just like I was clueless of so many things when it came to blogging, I believe readers are the same way at times. It’s hard to truly understand until you’re in it. It’s hard to really grasp what blogging is and the time it takes to be successful at it (not saying I am successful.)

I’m writing this post as a friend, as someone who doesn’t want to leave room for someone not to know. I’m writing this post to help give that last push to someone wanting to start blogging. I’m writing this to be honest and transparent about what I’ve noticed since starting to blog.

A Few Things Bloggers Wish You Knew

 Affiliate links are how we can make money, but it’s at no cost to you.

Affiliate links are something that I think really confuses people who aren’t directly in it or impacted by it. Affiliate links are links that bloggers are given so that they can promote for other businesses. When you click on these links, the blogger gets a percentage of the proceeds or some other kind of reward. It is at no cost to you, it’s just like you’re shopping online but you help support another person. Most bloggers make their entire income off of sponsored posts and affiliate links.

If you’re looking to support and shop my links they are all listed on my Shop My Links page, which is updated weekly (most of the time.)

Engagement is so important.

I feel like I’m annoying all my followers by reminding them to engage constantly, but that’s so important as bloggers. Engagement on social media as well as on our actual blog site.

1. The algorithms are forever changing and we can’t guarantee you’ll see our stuff and that’s part of our job. As a blogger, we assume that if you’re following us that you actually want to see our posts. For instance, on Instagram if you have been missing someone’s posts you can like their last 3 pictures as well as comment on them to make sure you see their posts.

2. Comments and engagement let us know what you enjoy seeing verses what you don’t. It actually helps us create content catered to you when you engage, comment, like, DM, and participate. It also helps create a sense of community!

3. It makes us feel good, just being honest. When I see someone comment on my posts or direct message me, it makes me so excited. It reminds me that what I’m doing is actually making a difference and for me, that’s huge.

It takes a lot of time to run a blog.

I had no idea the time commitment I was making and that’s why I have failed so much throughout these first couple of months working a 9-5 job as well. It takes time to schedule photoshoots, edit photos, create content for at least 5 different outlets, come up with captions, make sure you’re also engaging with other bloggers and follower, put together affiliate marketing, reach out to sponsorships and affiliate programs, check and respond to emails and DMs, and the list goes on and on. Then add trying to do all of that on top of living your “normal life.” It’s hard. Don’t unfollow someone just because they haven’t been on in a few days, because we need rest too. Be realistic and respectful of the time bloggers are taking to create catered content for you and sometimes that means taking a much needed break.

We have feelings too.

I feel like I’ve made so many friends throughout social media and blogging, but with that, I’ve also made some enemies. It’s really easy to forget that the person behind the screen is a real person, with real feelings, and real circumstances. We often forget that this person is putting there whole life out there in hopes of helping just one person. If you were putting your whole life out on social media it would be a little daunting and scary, that’s exactly what bloggers face every single day. Then add on comparison, internet trolls, getting hacked, etc. I could go on and on about this but I won’t. Just be mindful of the words you’re using and how you’re treating people online. The screen doesn’t give you the right to be hateful to someone.

A Few Things Bloggers Wish You Knew

I have mentioned this before, but I haven’t had the resources to be able to fully invest in my blog site just yet, but I want to and I will. My hope is that my blog would become a place where you can stop in every single day, that it’s part of your daily routine. I want to create a space full of vulnerable, relatable, and enjoyable content. I hope these few little reminders helped you understand a little more what life as a blogger looks and feels like, I’d love to hear anything other questions you have about blogging OR any other things you wish your readers knew if you are a blogger!

8 thoughts on “A Few Things Bloggers Wish You Knew

  1. I had no idea how time-consuming blogging is when I first started. It is really disheartening at times when friends and family members stop or rarely visit the blog. However, I’ve gotten some really great messages from other people that make my day!

  2. Let me tell you that there are not that many posts I read from A to Z, but I did read yours! I agree with every single thing you have said. Personally, the only thing that bothers me is that I don’t have enough time to commit to blogging – it truly is a full-time job in itself and people rarely understand that. Btw, I gave your blog a follow!

  3. Yes — I hear you! I’m a newbie (paid up at least) blogger and I came to realise fairly quickly how much work is involved. I say though that I can change things, automate and cut down some self-imposed work (have to sometimes) Best your way!

  4. Oooh this was such an interesting topic! I’ve had my blog open for more than a year but have not had the time to keep up with it but lately I’ve been more engaged and open about certain things. I think to write as a passion AND make money from it is the best thing ever, but it’s so true it takes so much effort. Did you eventually quit your 9-5 job to work as a blogger full time? Is that possible?

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