How to Overcome the After New Year Drag

It’s the beginning of the New Year and you are setting goals, drinking more water, eating healthier, actually working out, and things are smooth sailing. You’re super motivated and it’s like nothing can stop you. You are excited about the new year and new beginnings…and then, February rolls around and you are wondering what you got yourself into?!

I totally get this! I have had unchecked so many goals and resolutions I set for myself this year already. I am still aiming for many of them, but some I honestly said “maybe next year” just being real. I don’t want you to have to do that though so I’m sharing how to overcome, or beat, that after new year drag. The feeling of losing drive and motivation and starting to doubt or question yourself.


1 // Constantly Re-access

As the year continues, we have to continually re-access not only our progress, but also our goals. As time changes, so does our goals. For instance, I was really motivated in the beginning of the year to get a job. I did everything to make sure I was positioning myself to get the job I wanted and would enjoy. Now that I have a job, those goals have to be reaccessed. I can now change my goals to be about being successful in my job. We, as people, change with time and so we must also change our goals and resolutions as we change.

2 // Have an Accountability Partner

We were never meant to do life alone, therefore we were never meant to chase our dreams alone either. Partner with the people in your life to help you accomplish your goals and stay motivated. For me, when I know I have to tell someone something, or report my progress to someone, I am so much more inclined to actually do it. It’s also much easier to accomplish goals when you have someone cheering you on.

3 // Write Down the Goal You Were Most Excited About

It’s always good to remember what motivated us in the first place. When we write out a reminder of the goal we were most excited about where we can look at it everyday, that’s where momentum happens. We get excited again, we don’t forget about it, and we are able to work towards it daily.

4 // Then, Write Down 3 Measurable Ways To Reach That Goal (Easiest First to Create Momentum)

This is so important! It’s easy to see a goal you’re really excited about but feel like you will never actually accomplish it. When you sit down and write out three ways that YOU can actually accomplish it, what other motivation do you need?! Start with the easiest measurable way first so that you can check that off the list and motivate you to check the rest off as well!

5 // Trust & Know Yourself

The best thing to beat the after new year drag is to simply trust yourself. Know your limits and know what you can accomplish. You still need to challenge yourself, but be mindful of what you can handle. And be proud of yourself for the little accomplishments because HEY! It’s something!

6 // Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Big or small, celebrate when you check something off that list. Celebrate by posting about it, treat yourself, go to dinner, share it with your friends, whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Do that. Keep it exciting and make a BIG deal about it, because it is a big deal.

7 // Add Some Fun/Treat-yo-self Goals

If you’re feeling like you’re dragging through your goals, add some fun ones just for you. They could be self care related, things you enjoy, something you want to learn, anything like that. Creating goals we find fun and enjoyable make it so much easier to check them off the list. You know by now that I get really motivated by checking things off my list! It creates great momentum and makes sure you’re doing things you enjoy as well.

I hope this helps and gives you a little push of motivation to take on your new year goals and resolutions! I am cheering you on and would love to hear some of the goals you’re most excited about this year!

6 thoughts on “How to Overcome the After New Year Drag

  1. Love this list!! Sometimes as the swing of the year comes around, it’s hard to stay motivated to accomplish goals made at the beginning of the year. Having an accountability partner and a plan to achieve the goal are SO huge for me to stay motivated and keep pushing on.

  2. I love love love this! I am totally at this point and feel myself there now! It is SO hard to get over that drag. I love that you mentioned some treat yourself goals – I will definitely take that advice and start doing that now πŸ™‚

  3. Great list! I learned not to set myself for failure and worry about overcoming anything thiking that was best way to avoid stress. Nope. That didn’t work either. This time around, and in my case, it is not a drag at all. I think I streess over how fast time flies and should I prepare already for end-of-year holidays? Yikes!

  4. Super helpful post! It’s true what you said about reassessing goals and ways to achieve them. Most of us get too enthusiastic at the beginning of the year and might put ourselves under too much pressure. It’s important to keep going to back to the set goals to see if they are still a priority for us.

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