January Praise Reports

This year, I have challenged myself to be more intentional in every aspect of my life. One of those things is being intentional in noticing the true blessings in my life, being thankful, and owning a spirit of gratitude.

In my planner, the very last page of each month is labeled “Praise Report.” This is something I love and swear by. We do it at the end of each small group we have with our youth kids and it really helps bring things into perspective. It shows that no matter what we’re facing and going through, there is always something to be thankful for if we take the time to find it. So, I’m making this part of my routine to share with you guys and encourage you to come up with praise reports of your own!


January 2018 Praise Reports:

1 // Brad and I celebrated being married for half a year!

2 // I celebrated my 23rd birthday!

3 // I had my first interview in my job hunt, for a job I really want, and I actually have a follow up interview on Wednesday!

So, if you’re the praying type, pray for me on Wednesday! If you’re not, send me some good vibes!

4 // Brad and I bought a camera for my birthday, like a really nice one!

This isn’t a praise report because I got a new gadget. It’s a praise report because it is me, along with my husband’s support, investing in this blog and dreaming big for what’s to come!

5 // I got my diplomas in the mail! So, now I’m official!

6 // I got to have a night with my best friends!

This is special because after Brad and I got married, I moved. I was used to seeing them at least twice a week, and now I’m lucky if I see them once every couple of months. I love my friends and have loved seeing our friendship continue to grow even when we are miles a part and can’t hangout every day.

7 // I was able to raise awareness about human trafficking all this month for human trafficking awareness month.

I have been blown away by how many of you guys want to help, enjoyed reading about how you could, and actually stepped up! I love this community and you guys are always surprising me!

8 // Brad is done coaching for the year!

This praise report doesn’t actually start until today, but I am so excited I wanted to share it! He has been so busy with coaching, practice, games, you name it! He’s been getting home super late, exhausted, and it’s made it really hard for us to have our time. We haven’t been able to do our date nights in weeks, BUT it is finally over! PRAISE THE LORD! We are back to regularly scheduled programing and I am so excited to spend some time with that handsome man!

9 // I was able to partner with some amazing small businesses and do my birthday week of giveaways!

I really loved doing this and actually have some more giveaways in the making!

10 // I have stopped drinking soda (for the most part) and have drank my needed amount of water everyday (for the most part.)

I have always struggled with drinking water. I LOVE Coke! I could drink Coke all day everyday. For those of you who don’t know, I have a lot of stomach problems that I’ve been dealing with since I was in high school and still have yet to find out exactly what’s wrong. I know I have IBS and I know I’m lactose intolerant, but there has to be more with the constant pain I’m experiencing. So, I decided to take baby steps to change my diet and eating habits a little bit at a time. I have been using the app plant nanny and it has been SO helpful for me! I recommend downloading it if you’re trying to drink more water. You get to “water” this cute little plant and it will die if you don’t drink your water. You can pick out different pots to plant them in, you choose your plant, and you get rewarded seeds to use in the store! Super fun and really easy way to motivate yourself!

It’s safe to say that January has been pretty good to me! It hasn’t been a walk in the park by any means though. This month has been really weird for me and has presented challenges I never even knew were challenges for me. BUT I am choosing to be thankful. I am choosing to see God’s hand and blessing in my life. I am believing that The Best is Yet to Come (see that post here.)

Enough about me, I would love to hear from YOU, what are some of your January Praise Reports?! Let’s get excited together!

3 thoughts on “January Praise Reports

  1. You had SO MUCH happening this month, girl! And that’s amazing to hear about your diploma, and celebrating 6 months of marriage! Also, happy belated birthday to you! Hoping to hear all goes well with your job search and the follow up interview! You had so many wonderful things happen in one month!

  2. Hey there, Courtney! Wow, it’s only January (although almost February), but things are looking up for you! I hope all these good things set the tone for the rest of the year for you and your husband’s! I’ll be praying for you for your job interview on Wednesday!🤗

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