How to Make Meaningful New Years Resolutions as Husband & Wife

New Years Resolutions are something I love doing, but have a really hard time actually completing (just being honest.) I think the main reason why is because of the type of goals I was setting. I was setting goals that weren’t anything like me or anything I would actual do, or would ever enjoy doing. I set my goals based on what everyone else was doing or wanted to accomplish. So, I’ve always felt defeated when it came to New Years resolutions because I never felt like I would actually reach any of them.

This year, Brad and I sat down and came up with some resolutions together! Everyone knows goals are easier to accomplish when you have someone else working towards them with you! I loved getting to sit down and dream together with my husband. We got to get excited about the year ahead, reflect on the year behind us, and start implementing the resolutions we chose right away!

How to Make Meaningful New Years Resolutions as Husband and Wife

How to Make Meaningful New Years Resolutions as Husband and Wife:

First // We talked about what went really well for us last year and well as what went really bad.

  • Be honest and real when discussing these topics. Remember, you’re married and communication is key.
  • Really think about what went well and what went wrong and have dialogue about why you think that was.
  • Examples: Some things that we believe went really well was our weekly date nights, getting married (of course!), buying a home, and our youth ministry is growing! Something we believe didn’t go so well was how we handled our finances.

Second // Discuss how to change the things that went wrong and how you’re going to keep doing the things that went right.

  • This is a really cool opportunity for you to work as a team and brainstorm together about the new year.
  • This is also where you start to see where your priorities and focuses are for your marriage this year.
  • Examples: We talked about if Tuesdays would still work for our date night and what that would look like this year. We also talked about setting up a time to make redo our budget. *Keep in mind, now is not the time to fix what went wrong, it’s the time to talk about how you are going to fix it in the new year. 

Third // Come up with your theme for the year.

  • This is where we looked back at 2017 and forward at 2018 and decided on our theme for the year. Your theme is a big picture goal for the year. Think of an umbrella. 
    • A good way to help come up with a theme for the year is to look at what was reoccurring in your what went wells and what went wrongs. Take those themes and create one big picture theme.
    • Example: Brad and I realized we were just kind of doing life without being really intentional with our finances, time, etc. So our theme is be intentional. (which if you’ve been following me, you know that’s my word for the year, intentional.)
  • This will help you focus your goals and resolutions because you will be sticking to one overall theme. Think of an umbrella that will cover all of your resolutions.

Fourth // Make your resolutions!

  • A helpful tip when making goals and sticking within your theme is to categorize them. (Resolutions for our finances, marriage, health, community, faith, etc)
    • Think about what you could be doing to work towards your theme in each category.
    • Example: When it comes to our finances, Brad and I are going to be intentional about them by coming up with a budget and setting aside a time to talk about how much we spent each week together.
  • Here are a few of ours: find a more solid community here, read the Bible in a year, redo our budget and stick more tightly to it, have more conversations about our faith, and eat dinner together at the table more often.
  • These aren’t all of our resolutions, but you can see how each of our goals or resolutions follow in our theme of being intentional.

I am praying for you and your spouse as you get excited about the coming year! I hope this gives you and your spouse some good ole QT (quality time)! Get some takeout, sit together on the couch, and really spend some intentional time dreaming for your marriage together!

I would LOVE to hear what some of your resolutions or themes are as a couple! Share them in the comments!

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