Looking Back and Looking Forward: What to Expect This Year on the Blog


As we enter into 2018, it’s so important that we look back on the year behind us. Looking back requires us to recognize what went well and what went not so well. We have to be honest with ourselves if we truly want to be better versions of ourselves in the next year! I’ve been pondering this thought of who do I want my year to belong to? My word for this year is intentional, to be more intentional in every aspect of my life. I want to be more intentional about what I share on here, who I’m sharing with, why I’m sharing, and who I want each post to ultimate glorify, which is God. I feel like I didn’t quite do that last year as much as I wanted because I was still trying to grow a following and figure this whole thing out. But, here’s to 2018 and reflecting back on 2017 and remember the best is yet to come! (see post The Best is yet to Come if you’re confused)

First off I want to take a look back on last year on the blog. I only had the blog going for about 5 months in 2017, but you guys made it feel like so much longer because of how close I feel like I’ve gotten to many of you. I want to say thank you for sticking by me and supporting me in this journey!

Top 5 Posts in 2017:

1 // We survived the first month!

I wrote this post a month into our marriage. I highlighted the fact that we made it a month, only a lifetime ahead of us, right? I really wanted to share something on my heart and so I wrote a post about it. Little did I know, this post would turn into one post a week and a creative outlet that would bring me so much joy! This is ultimately what started it all!

2 // Inside the Heart of a Pastor’s Wife

This was my favorite post by far in 2017 and obviously it was one of your too! I loved getting to collaborate with other Pastor’s wives and share the truth behind being a pastor and what is so rewarding about it and it’s challenges. If you attend a church, are a part of a ministry, or maybe you’re navigating this whole faith thing, check this post out. We are people too, with hurts, struggles, joy, hobbies, and lots of love for others!

3 // Being Engaged: 5 Things You Should Know

This post is super relevant for this time of year. Brad and I got engaged on Christmas day and getting engaged this time of year is super common. I share a few of my tips for the engagement season and what I am glad I did and what I wish I would have done. I have referred this post to at least 5 people in the past month, so it really is relevant! I have even more tips now than I did then. So, feel free to message me if you have any other questions or want to hear more of my advice!

4 // Changing with the Seasons.

This post was me getting super real about where I was at emotionally a month after being married. I had moved to a new city, new church, I didn’t know anyone, I was navigating being a newlywed, and so on. If you’re facing a new season, this post is super real and raw about where I was at in that moment. There’s also Changing with the Seasons Pt. 2 as well!

5 // White as Snow

This post is probably one of the most vulnerable posts I wrote this past year. I get real and raw about a struggle I think we all face, especially during the wedding season. It’s my most precious post I wrote this year and one of those posts that I wrote and then kept postponing pressing publish because I was fearful to share. So, please click the link and check it out if you want full access into my heart and my struggles. Spoil alert though, there is a happy ending!

It’s super obvious that you guys really like the posts that are real and raw and about marriage/weddings/and engagement! I will take that all into consideration moving into 2018 and planning content for this year! You guys also loved Meet My People Mondays and I’m hoping to find a way to incorporate them being featured again sometime in this next year! Be on the lookout!!


Now that we’ve reflected back, let’s get excited, dance a little, and look forward! I am really excited to see what this year brings to the blog! As a recent graduate, new home owner, and newlywed, I am not able to invest as much $$$ as I would like in the blog right now. But stick with me and I promise you big things are in the works and they are coming SOON! 

Here’s What to Expect on the Blog in 2018:

1 // More Intentional Posts.

I found myself really struggling to  create content just to create content last year. It would be Sunday night and I wouldn’t have a post ready for Wednesday, so I would just put something together real quick just to have something to post. I was struggling to catch up to where everyone else was at. Bloggers who have been blogging for years and I was worried about not being as good as them. #comparisonisthetheifofjoy am I right?! This year that will not be the case. I am planning posts out in advance. I am praying before planning out those posts. I am sharing with a purpose this year. I really want to embrace the whole reason I created a blog in the first place. The internet is full of negativity, comparison, and lots of rotten stuff, but I want my blog to be a place where you can come, exactly how you are and who you are and realize you aren’t alone. One of the most important changes that goes along with that is I am going to be more intentional about what I share. I want to be even more real and raw with you guys this year. I want to share more of me, my story, and my life. So, stay tuned friends it’s going to get all kinds of real up in here!

2 // Brands.

I am still working on this one, but I am hoping to work with more brands this year. I have purchased and not purchased so many products due to the reviews and posts I have read from other bloggers. I want to be able to do the same for you guys! Like I mentioned, it’s still in the works, but be expecting more product reviews and things of that nature this year!


I am SO thankful for you guys and I want to be able to give back more! You can be expecting more giveaways this year! If you have any ideas on what you’d like in a giveaway, let me know! Keep your eyes peeled because there is a giveaway coming up this month!

4 // More Brad, hopefully.

You guys have made it very clear you would like to hear from Brad more. Sadly, his post never make it up last year, but it’s coming. He is so busy. God bless that man and all he does for us. So, it’s harder for him to sit down and write a blog when he has lesson plans, coaching, sermon prep, being a husband, and having “Brad time.” We did a live video a few weeks ago on Instagram and really enjoyed it. It’s something that is actually doable for both of us. Be on the lookout for those this year as well!

5 // Change.

For those of you who don’t know, I graduated in December with my Social Work and Psychology Degree. I am currently in the process of getting my Social Work License and finding a job. I have applied for a handful but have yet to hear anything back (the job search sucks yo!) So, with that being said, I have no idea what my life is going to look like over the next few months or this year (which I get it, who really does?!) But I just want to warn you guys that there could be some changes and inconsistency coming to the blog over the next couple of months. I am asking that you stick with me because I have some really big stuff planned for this blog and this community!

I love you guys so much! Please take some time to complete this readers survey!

4 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Forward: What to Expect This Year on the Blog

  1. I love that you’re going to be more intentional with your posts this year. That’s something that I’m focusing on as well. I would just post and write posts because I thought I had to…but this year, I want to write them and post them because I am 100% happy with them.

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