Fun in the Fall: Fall Date Ideas & Stovetop Apple Cider Recipe

So, I’ve been slacking and I missed last weeks Fun in the Fall post! SO I’m posting a two-in-one post today! 

I posted a couple weeks ago about date night and how important it is to any romantic relationship. I truly believe that it makes a huge difference when you choose to spend intentional time with one another. You can read that post here. So, since Fall is basically upon us now, and you guys asked, here are some Fall Date Ideas.


Fall Date Ideas

  • Carve a pumpkin together

    • Brad and I did that this week for our date night and it was super fun! We went shopping together for all the supplies, picked out our pumpkins, and spent the rest of the night being silly. We had a rockin’ 2000s playlist on, special thanks to our Alexa, Amazon Echo. I love the playing with the goop inside of pumpkins, I’m weird. I also made us some pumpkin seeds to snack on while we carved our pumpkins! Super easy and yummy snack!
  • Drive-in movie

    • Brad and I did this last week! It was my first time at the Drive-in movie theater and I loved it! The weather was perfect, we were in our comfy clothes, no one was there because it was on a Monday night, and it was a fun little adventure for us. I can’t wait to go again now that it’s even cooler outside, put the windows down, and maybe even bring some coffee!
  • Dinner by the fireplace

    • I am OBSESSED with fireplaces. Our fireplace is my favorite feature of my house! I love being able to lay a blanket down and just sit in the warmth of the fire. What’s better than that you ask? Food makes everything better! So, cook a nice dinner, or order takeout, and share a meal together at your own little fire pit! So romantic, intentional, intimate, and something special to this season!
  • Go to a corn maze

    • I have always wanted to do one of these and it would be so much fun to do one with Brad! It would allow us to work as a team and accomplish something together. We LOVE going to escape rooms for this exact reason. It’s one thing to know you’re a team, but being able to actually work as a team and accomplish something together is so huge!
  • Have a picnic

    • Fall weather is some of the best weather to spend outside! So, get a meal packed, a blanket, and some sparkling cider or sweet tea and head out on a picnic. It’s a cute, fun, adventurous way to spend a day or night together.
  • Go hiking

    • I may not be athletic…at all, but I do love the mountains. Just like doing the corn maze, going on a hike together is an adventure and an accomplishment you can do together! If you have a husband like mine, one who is scared of heights, you also get to face a fear together! The weather this time of year is beautiful and the scenery is unmatched!
  • Go on a scenic drive or road trip

    • Brad and I spend a lot of time in the car, so we have learned to love road trips and car rides. Put on your favorite playlist, find a list of places to visit on your adventure, and just drive. Let spontaneity guide your way. Sometimes things are better unplanned!
  • Go on a bike ride

    • Exercise and date night in one! What a pair! Going bike riding together is SO much fun! You feel the breeze blowing in your face, you get to exercise together, and enjoy an adventure together. You never know what you’ll come across on your bike journey!
  • Go camping

    • For me, this is not a date idea that I would like, but for others it is. I don’t do well outdoors for long periods of time…don’t judge. But with this weather, camping would be nothing shy of a beautiful experience!
  • Game night

    • As mentioned in my other date post, Brad and I love games! We love game nights! So, turn on the fire, get you a warm drink, make some cookies in the oven, and spend the night playing some friendly competition. It’s even fun if you pay for rewards, such as a back rub, doing the dishes, taking out the trash (you know…married stuff ;)) It’s a great inside option for when it gets cooler.
  • Movie marathon

    • Brad and I’s favorite movie marathons to have are all the Batman movies and Harry Potter series. We love taking our one day off to just chill and watch movies. We don’t have much time to do that so we enjoy it while we can! Once again, cozy up by the fireplace, blanket, pajamas, and if you’re us, cookies in the oven and watch movies. Or fall asleep…depends on the day/night. Whatever floats your boat!

These aren’t the only options for Fall Date Ideas (obviously!) but they are some of the ones we would like to do or that just make sense for Fall! I hope you are able to do at least one of these this season. Don’t forget that it’s all about spending intentional time with your significant other, not spending a ton of money.

So far, after every single date night in October, Brad and I have come home and drank some stovetop apple cider. We love getting to sip a warm drink, without the caffeine, to end the night. It’s cozy and definitely taste like Fall!

Stovetop Apple Cider Recipe

  • Apple cider of your choice (you can use the flavored ones, like salted carmel, if you want a little something extra)
  • 2 Oranges (I prefer to use cuties, but regular oranges work as well)
  • 2 Cinnamon sticks
  • about a tablespoon full of Whole Allspice (can be more or less, depending on the amount of spice you want)
  • about a tablespoon full of Cloves (can be more or less, depending on the amount of spice you want)

*This recipe is to make enough for two/three people*

Pour the apple cider in a pot on medium heat. Cut your oranges into halves. Squeeze the juice out into the pot and then throw the rest of the orange in the pot as well (You can cut them into slice for more room.) Add in your cloves and allspice. Turn up the heat a little. Let simmer until it’s reached your preferred temperature. Serve while warm and for a classic look, serve with a cinnamon stick and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

*If you want to make cider for more than three people, just add one orange, cinnamon stick, and a few more whole allspice and cloves for every TWO people.


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