Meet My People: Whitney Hafner

Incase you’re new here, or just forgot, I launched a series called Meet My People Mondays. Every other Monday you will get to hear from one of my closest friends. They will share about themselves, me, and our friendship. I truly believe there is no better way to know me than to know the people around me. They are going to be just as real and as honest as I am. I want you guys to get to know the people I love, while also getting to see me from one of my friend’s point of view.

Meet My People Mondays: Whitney Hafner


Whitney Hafner, otherwise known as Ironman, has been my rock for years now. We became friends at a youth service that spoke on the verse “iron sharpens iron” and we were challenged to find an “Ironman.” We turned to one another and said, “wanna be my Ironman?”…and the rest is history! Seriously, this girl and I have been through it all. We have vacationed together, we on missions trips together, had many sleepovers together, spent many drives together listening to music, we even had a period of time that we didn’t speak (because of a silly boy..oh high school!), we have spent countless hours on the phone, shared in all of lives big moments, and we were even in each other’s weddings. We went through the highs and lows of friendship, but here we are…years later…states apart…but our friendship hasn’t changed, it’s only grown stronger. We make it a priority to call each other whenever we think of it or have time, we text each other if we come across something that reminds us of the other, and we have made it our vow to be intentional when it comes to our friendship. Whitney embodies so much wisdom and has an extremely moving testimony. It’s an understatement saying I’m thankful for Whitney. She is the definition of a forever friend and I am so honored to know her.

The way this will work is…I asked her a series of questions, some about her and some about me, and I copied them word for word into this document. All of my input, if any, will be italicized and in parenthesis. This is how it will be with each person. So, let’s dive in:

What’s your name? Whitney Hafner

How old are you? 23

Married? Yes, very happily.

Pets? Two dogs. Beau and Baleigh

Kids? One precious little girl, Elliot Mae

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Compassionate. Encouraging. Caring. Optimistic. Creative.

What is a fun fact about you?

I was a military brat growing up and so was my husband. Before we met in Texas we both lived in Alaska.

What are you reading right now?

Motivating Your Man Gods Way- Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs


(If Whitney recommends it, I will read it! Like I mentioned earlier, she embodies so much wisdom and biblical knowledge that I always trust her suggestions or words of advice!!)

What is something God’s been speaking to you right now?

The difference between being in over your head and out of your comfort zone.

(DANG! That’s good!)

What was the best thing that happened to you this past year?

Easy! My husband and I became parents! We welcomed our little girl to the world May 1!

What’s your favorite animal? And why?

I’m like Micah. My all time favorite animal is an otter because they hold hands when they sleep. But almost everyone thinks it’s turtles, I have them randomly decorated throughout the house!

(She really does have turtled hidden all throughout her home…like there is even one hanging on her’s kind of strange.)

What do you do for a living?

I just started as a preschool teacher!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

God willing, completely debt free (yay Dave Ramsey) even more in love with my husband with a few more kids and walking Elliot to kindergarten.

(KINDERGARTEN?!?! That’s so weird!)

What was the best year of your life? And why?

The last few years have been full of so many good things, but 2017 trumps them all! We had our little girl, moved across the country and my husband starts aviation school soon!!

What is your favorite way to pass the time?

I love crafting; refinishing furniture, decorating, photography any of those things!

What is your personality type?

ESFJ- fairly outgoing, very in tune with my emotions and others feelings. My spirit animal is a horse

What is your love language?

Quality time, all the way.

(Whitney and I are similar in this aspect, except I am also tied for Words of Affirmation, but we have had to learn how to redefine quality time. Our quality time has changed to FaceTime and phone calls!)

What are your strengths?

Thankfulness, by far. I make it a point to recognize and focus on the good in situations and to give thanks for it.

(This could not be more true!!!)

What are your weaknesses?

Ugh. I’m almost always stressed about being late, just ask my husband. I also tend to overlook people’s bad side and that gets me in trouble from time to time.

Who is your hero/role model?

My mom. Anyone who knows her would know why.


What is your dream job?

One day, I want to open my own daycare/preschool. I already have a name picked out for it and I’ll start actually planning it whenever my we settle down and pick a place we want to stay forever. I also think it would be really cool to be a wood worker and build furniture.

What is the best advice you’ve ever given/heard?

In regards to marriage, avoid using the words always and never. “You always do this…(nag, nag, nag)” “You never do that…(nag, nag, nag)” those are emotional statements and are very rarely true.

(Note taken!)

What is your favorite bible verse? And why?

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: to mind your own business and work hard with your hands.

I love the practical instruction!

If you could share anything with the readers on CNH (the blog) what would you say?

I think most of us have heard the saying, “comparison is a thief of joy” but I don’t think we are aware of how deeply it rings true. I deeply encourage you, whatever phase of life you are in to stop looking around at where others are and to focus on yourself and how to get to where you want to be. For single girls, find a newlywed lady and let her pour into you. You’ll be surprised to find how similar her emotions and struggles are to yours. She will more than likely have the best, most practical advice for you. Newlyweds who don’t have it all together, find another newlyweds couple you can have honest conversations with and even more importantly, find an established couple you look up to and see what they have to say. Hear where they started and the advice they share. When we have people mentoring us the walls of comparison start coming down. Preaching to myself here y’all.

(YES!!! SO GOOD!!)

How did you meet Courtney?

I’ve known Courtney for about seven or eight years now. We met in our youth group at church.

What was your first impression of her?

Pretty much what everyone thinks, she’s so cute and so loud!

What’s your favorite thing about Courtney?

Hands down, my all time favorite things about Courtney is that she is a forever friend. She is one of the most faithful people I know. She remembers little details and will do anything to make you feel important! It doesn’t matter what you’re going through, what phase of life you’re in or how long it’s been since you last talked, Courtney is going to be there to walk through life with you!

How has Courtney impacted your life?

Since we became friends in high school Courtney has walked through some pretty major life seasons with me. She was there to celebrate me when I graduated, got engaged, married and became a mom. She was there to pray and encourage me when faced with trials and hard decisions. She loved me enough to correct me through a lot of my dumb decisions. She is my Ironman!

If you could describe Courtney in one word, what would it be?


Which blog post has been your favorite so far? And why?

The White as Snow post because it was straight up me. Almost every friend of mine has felt the same exact way when they get engaged but so many people are afraid to talk about it

Share a memory or story of you and Courtney:

So random but when I graduated high school, we went on a senior trip to San Antonio and this guy would not leave Courtney alone. It didn’t matter what she told him, how many times she asked him to leave her alone or how often he was ignored, he would not leave her alone!! So every time he would text her, DM her or comment on her posts we would say “Oh there you are Perry” and to this day I still crack up thinking about it!!

Anything else you would like to say about yourself or Courtney:

ALLLLLSSSSOOO, just encase you didn’t already know Courtney makes the best mix CDs EVER! She would burn me at least one a month back in high school! I still have at least ten in my car! She’s always had the best taste in music!

Maybe we can convince her to start a series on best play lists for different things.


I love this picture of Whitney dancing with her baby SO much, I had to post it! You can follow her to see cute pictures of her little girl, Ellie and sweet puppies, the beautiful scenery in Montana, and the adventures of a military wife!

>> Instagram: @whithafner <<

Thanks for tuning in to Meet My People Mondays! There will be another post 2 weeks from now featuring another one of my amazing friends! So, stay tuned!

As always, new post coming up this Wednesday around noontime!

Until next time,

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