Where is God when good things happen?

So often we ask the question, “where is God when bad things happen?” That is something I’ve been hearing over and over again with all the tragedies happening around the world. Have you ever asked yourself the question, “where is God when good things happen?”, specifically, “where am I placing Him when good things happen?”

Tonight I was really reflecting on all that God has been doing in my life recently. I have been going through a lot of transitions and entering into a new season of my life. A very exciting season with lots of things to be thankful for. I have heard the word “congratulations” numerous times, whether it was referring to getting into the Social Work program at UNT or getting into a relationship. I am excited and I love the encouragement and support but God stopped me tonight to remind me not to lose my focus. He reminded me not to forget about Him in the midst of celebration.

I think we often convince ourselves that if everything was “going well” or “easier” my relationship with God would be better. If God gave me whatever I asked then I would trust Him. What I am realizing is that we are naive to think that when everything is going our way that we would then feel motivated to turn to God. That is where we hurt ourselves and cause ourselves to become stuck.

As this exciting season approached me I thanked God. I still pray. I still do everything I’m “supposed to” but I realized something was off. If I’m being vulnerable, now that I am not asking for this or that, my time spent with God grew shorter. Now that I have what I wanted it was harder for me to feel as if I needed God as much as before. (spoiler alert: that’s not true.) Usually the enemy uses our struggles to get ahold of our hearts and minds, but recently he has been using my victories.

So often we get caught up in asking for the blessings and answered prayers that once they get answered we don’t know what to say, in a sense, to God anymore. We forget how to spend quality time in the Lord’s presence because we don’t feel like we need anything anymore. We turn God into genie. We ask Him for something and then once we get that something we don’t acknowledge Him anymore. We got our three wishes and that’s all we wanted. A relationship with God is so much more than getting what we ask for. God does want to give us the desires of our hearts but the relationship doesn’t stop there. 

God isn’t here to make us miserable. He knows what is best for us and that is what He is going to offer but we have to be careful how we react. When I was younger and wanted something, this is almost identical to how the conversation would go:

me: *sucks up* Daddy, I love you can I have some money?

…eventually after many compliments and pouty faces…

dad: *gives me money*

Then the conversation ends. I got what I wanted.

Our conversation with God doesn’t end once we get what we desire. We still need Him and He still wants us. This is but a beginning to a new conversation. Even in good seasons we still need guidance, love, support, and encouragement. We still need God. The thing that we have to realize is that even when things are going well we still need the Father. Even more than that, we need to realize that even when things are going well that God still wants us. He still desires to be close to us, comfort us, encourage us, speak to us just as much as he did when we were going through hardships. God is the same God (Hebrews 13:8) yesterday, today, and forever.

I am excited for this new season I’m in. I am eager to take in everything it has to offer me, learn new things about myself and my Creator, and really grow in trusting God in every season of life.

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