God’s Heart.

God’s heart beats for the lost. He loves them unconditionally and they have no idea. He has the power to snap His fingers and they would all come to know Him, but He gives us a choice. We are able to choose what we believe. And we can also choose to share God’s love with others or not. That choice is OURS. It is simply up to us if we share the relationship we have with Christ with others. What choice will you make?

“Where Are You?” (Genesis 3:9) God asks as He sought out Adam and Eve after there rebellion when they were hiding. When we follow Christ, He calls us to go into the world asking the same question to the broken world – “Where are you? God wants a restored relationship with you.” We need to begin to open our eyes and hearts to what it is that God is trying to show to us about His people. Think back to when you were lost, what if no one searched after you? What if no one lead you to the place where you came to meet God? Think about the beautiful thing you have now and think of all the people you pass everyday who don’t have that. What makes them any less deserving than us to have what God wants to give them? It’s time we as Christians step out of our own selfish motives and share God’s love with the people around us. God comes looking for us. He wants to get back into relationship with us, and HE seeks after us, even after all that we have done wrong. After he finds us, he calls us to imitate his heart by seeking others. We love because he first loved us. We seek because he first sought us.

We need to start doing what we have been called to do. We need to wholeheartedly long after the lost, because God wholeheartedly longs for them. He wants nothing more than to love on them, to bring joy to their lives, to comfort them. He also wants to hold them accountable to keep them from falling into their sin, to protect them. I ask this again, WHY AREN’T THEY DESERVING OF THIS? They only aren’t deserving when we convince ourselves they aren’t.  

I walk by so many people a day and I’ll admit that I don’t stop and talk to everyone and tell them about my relationship with Jesus. BUT I do smile at everyone I walk by, even if they don’t smile back. I ask people how their days are. I sit with people when they are sitting alone. I start up conversations with people I don’t know. I am simply making relationships with people around me so that when God wants to take over and begin speaking through me I am ready. The most important thing I do is PRAY. What I am doing would mean nothing if I wasn’t praying. You WILL NOT get anywhere if you aren’t praying for the lost. It is pointless if you aren’t praying. You can be doing all the things you should be doing to reach out but if you aren’t praying for the lost, your campus, your co-workers, etc it is NOT WORTH IT. There is so much power in prayer that we will never be able to comprehend. 

Let me leave you with this statement: if you aren’t broken you aren’t committed. Are you willing to be broken so that you can commit to saving the people of this world? 


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